Maitreyi Mittal

Hi! Welcome to the blog. 

This blog is the author’s attempt at chronicling snippets from her life in poetry, prose, photography and the like. It has been attempted that the same be in a generalised sort of form so that readers may relate them to their own experiences. Some of the posts may have fictional elements or embellishments, and some others may stand as metaphors alluding to the author’s personal life. I hope you enjoy reading! 

All constructive criticism is welcome, and held in high regard. Feel free to start a discussion in the comment section! Reposts are allowed after notifying the author and giving due credits at the site of the repost. 

Disclaimer: this blog in no way is intended to reflect the personal views of the author, albeit the occasional references to people in my life who I like to bitch about. 


21 thoughts on “Maitreyi Mittal

  1. First, thank you for “finding” me….doing so brought you to my attention…and, what an honour! I’ve read several of your poems, and I’m astounded at the profound depth that informs your creations….your connection to words, the way you harness them and and command them is beautiful…pure elegance! Thank you for sharing your gift πŸ™‚ And thank you so much for acknowledging my offerings and for letting me know you appreciate them. It means a great deal. Take care.

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  2. I like your way with words and how you write them, there is an element of mystery in the way you write, there is a certain romanticism in the words used (I think that is it the correct term, I may be mistaken).

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  3. Each and every writing is expressed in the most amazing way and is so much glad to read and relate. Continue writing more for your readers. All the best.😊

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