Some people

Some people

Don’t make you look twice;

Don’t say the funny punchline;

Don’t soothe your crying. 

They blow across your lives

Like a storm of dispersed seeds,

And one cotton ball

Lands at your feet. 

Some people 

Don’t have that “one thing”,

That’s oh-so-unique;

Or a song written for them

That you can’t stop humming;

Or a dazzling smile

That blinds your eyes;

Or arms that sweep you

Off your feet. 

Some people 

Simply arrive in your life

In the right place 

At the right time. 

When you’re ready to love,

And they’re ready to be loved.

You can’t pinpoint

What it is about them,

But there’s definitely something.

Those people 


Actually, all people leave. 

But the absence of some

Feels like greater than the sum of

All the rest of them. 

They manifest themselves in you;

Away, but a part of you. 

They transcend their tangibility,

They become what they never were,

And what you see around you

Is a catalogue of all the things

You never did with them.

Those people

Are the archetypes of your brain;

They are the microcosm

For your vast universe.

It’s impossible to escape

How aesthetically trapped

You are in this whole wide world. 

Caught in the sound of drums;

Salty air and seagulls;

A metallic taste on your tongue. 

(A/N: apologies for being MIA for the past two months; I’m back for good now.)


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