I Thought I Knew?

Days and dreams and in between

The dwams and nightly fantasies

A thought occurred to me.

That seems quite unlike 

All of these;

You and me

Leagues apart, never to meet.

I thought I knew

That a day will come

When this would be true.

Do none of our promises

Remain of any use?

I stand accused

Of wanting more than what is real;

Of seeing more in smoke and mirrors;

Of thinking of you as healing;

When you said it yourself –

You aren’t good for me. 


24 thoughts on “I Thought I Knew?

  1. Talk about nostalgia. That sure took me back to some fateful moments of loves I’ve had and lost. Some times the body let’s go before the mind and the heart does. Great post! 🙂

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  2. Made me wonder if all promises are made for the moment and we are left seeking permanency. You have released wistfulness – harmony disturbed. You have such a powerful way of expressing yourself!

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    • I’m so flattered by your kind words. I think permanency is such a rocky endeavour (ironically) and it really can’t work unless all parties are willing to work constantly. Which is what you don’t expect from something apparently permanent.


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