What is life? 

Is it what you want? Is it your struggle to get it? Is it both; neither?

Which is desirable – the solitude of infinite connection with infinity, or the millions of voices that scream in unision? 

What is a country? Is it a border on a map, or is it sentiment? How is the sentiment in countries different, except the proper nouns used in its expression? 

How is a thing of beauty a thing of beauty? Is it commonly accepted; beautiful by comparison; in itself; biologically pleasing; rare? 

What is happiness? If a perfect illusion of happiness was made, and then broken, how would it be different from being genuinely happy at first and genuinely sad later? 

What is death? Is it bodily? Is it spiritual? 

Does the answer to this question

Or answers to the rest 



-perhaps, more importantly- 

Do they have to? 


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