Mein Kampf

You had meant 

to throw your words

to draw the eyes

to fall like a behemoth 

Accoladed by history.

If fall you must

you will in a way which

leaves them carefully piecing you together

(Or at least, your effigy)

To decipher 

the words

the actions

the reasons

behind why you did

what you did.

You mean to do all this.

You mean to leave the claw marks of your struggle.

You mean to struggle.

You cannot be satisfied 

with only the ripple you make

In an ocean of time.

A wave sounds better;

And a tsunami…

(A/N: a poem I wrote to highlight this little struggle between morals and ambition. I didn’t initially want it to sound so Nazi, but I guess that fits, doesn’t it?

EDIT: Only posting this because a friend who just found out about this blog seems to enjoy it. Thanks for the motivation.)



One thought on “Mein Kampf

  1. Please keep making these ripples of wonder in this ocean of time, and one day, you’ll create that tsunami.
    Amazing, yet again. You never fail to impress.
    Highest regards.

    Liked by 1 person

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