That’s what she aspired to be like. A diamond.
Inside the universe of her mind, some galaxies of thought often contemplated on the kind of person she wished to be like. After birthing new stars and exploding some old ones, her heart settled on diamond.
She would be pretty. Gorgeous. Stunning. Rare. Coveted.
She would glimmer and shine. She would allow herself to be cut and wrought into perfection itself. She would classify wealth and finesse. She would be adorned only on the best of metals, and set along with the finest gems. She would be the epitome of purity. Diamonds do not reflect, they refract. Passing a ray of light through it would scatter all the colours. Diamonds showed you things that could not be seen otherwise.
Yet, that wasn’t all that attracted her. She didn’t only want to bring out the best in everything, be popular and have good company. She didn’t just desire fame and appreciation. That was merely half the story. What she found particularly fascinating was this: arguably the most beautiful gemstone, the diamond was also the hardest. She found it incredible that the diamond’s smoothness and uniformity gave it beauty, not ductility. In all its splendour, a diamond was not delicate.
And that was what she loved best.


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