India: A theatre of the absurd

(A/N: This is a debate I wrote a while back, but I seem to like it a lot in hindsight. Slightly edited to make it appear like an article.)

These years will go down in history, as this is the time when our beloved country is finally accepting it’s bewildering absurdity and ridiculously supersitious customs.
Blame it on the extreme diversity of our society, but could you have stepped foot on the soil of a more hypocritical land? A mere glance at the anomie in a single city would show you enough to haunt you till the day you lie on your deathbed. Mere examples – The law saying it’s a punishable offence to kiss in public, but to piss? Nobody cares. Children are imbibed with a single golden rule – ‘never talk to strangers.’ Parents think, safety first! But as soon as the child enters marriageable age, they are cheerfully whisked off to a stranger’s house. The spouse could be in a family that may have formed the country’s drug mafia and again, society fails to react. The husbands in our patriarchal society are conceited enough to demand virgin brides, but themselves could keep the Amsterdam red light district running single-handedly. The ancient teachings say that “children are avatars of the gods”, but child abuse is still rampant! Despite it’s illicit and illegal nature, female foeticide and infanticide is wildly practiced! A woman wearing a sari with six inches of stomach showing is acceptable, but 2 inches between a top and jeans is provoking! A daughter-in-law is considered the pride and honour of a family, but when her husband dies, she burns with him in the very name of honour! This shows the extent of the blatant and distorted absurdity of all the country’s morals and values.

Apart from the aching levels to which our ancestors’ teachings have been misinterpreted, the sheer magnitude of rituals being inexplicably befuddling is horrendous. People defile monuments representing our ethnic past by drawing graffiti and spitting on them. Love-struck fools carve their names into trees irrationally, as a symbol of their “being together.” College students commit suicide over the mere fact that they were forced into a job that was so utterly meaningless to them – the sole culprit being that one Sharma ji’s son or Pammi auntie’s daughter who became a doctor or an engineer and earns an amount that this good-for-nothing child ever could. Every day lakh-strong crowds across the country cheer for the Indian Cricket Team and say they feel “unity”, truly. On the drive home they get into ten different fights with other people on the road and say how much they hate being part of a country “full of idiots”. Women working in their homes, tirelessly, day in and day out, are looked past as if they were invisible. Unthanked, unpaid, unsupported.
This list is endless. If there are two things India can never run out of, they are – 1) the people and 2) nonsense customs. I ask you, the youth, to not sit back and blame the government and system and politicians and do nothing, but use the power vested in you to eradicate such practices. You, the youth, should take action. You, the youth, should pull the country out of the quagmire it is sinking into.
“All the world’s a stage,” said Shakespeare. But India? A circus.


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