And Never Once

He saw her lying in the nurse’s arms
Glowing and ebullient with energy
Two dark suns soaking in new sights
Never once did he imagine this day would come.

A sparkling little bundle of joy
Half him and half his love
With little bobby pins and shrill vocal cords
Never once had he forseen such happiness.

A quieter, thoughtful human being
Questioning everything she saw about life
Thinking in ways sometimes lost to him
Never once did he think his brilliance could match hers.

An angry, depressed, confused person
Dependant and leaning on for assurance
The shoulder she cried on she soon forgot
Never once did he think of being anything but selfless.

Now finally, a mature and calm mind
Flourishing where she had been guided to
Cared and supported him tirelessly
Never once in his life he had come to regret her.



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