The glances
Inside his fun-loving life.
The hanging on to each word
Like a lifeline.
The companionship
Of sharing everything they had.
The laughter at every joke,
For hours.

The synchronisation
Of completing each other’s sentences.
The marvel at ‘two of a kind’,
And united.
The happiness
From the high of being with him.
The ease of each other’s presence,
So therapeutic.

The suppression
Of feelings inside her.
The little smiles at inside jokes
Warming her heart.
The pretense
Of his friendship being enough.
The jealousy of seeing her,
So agonizing.

The arguments
About matters of no consequence.
The dwindling number of conversations,
Her own fault.
The flood
Of feelings, reasons and apologies.
The moments of shock and understanding,
And gentle rejection.

The weak attempts
To turn back time.
The struggle for them both
To let go.
The awkwardness
Being an unfamiliar agent.
The regrets coming to plague
Both equally.

The devastation
Of failing to pick threads of an old life.
The guilty indifference of his mind
Pushed away roughly.
The heartbreak
That she swallows wordlessly.
The slow walk to healing,
And wistfullness.


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