The waves of words that carry you away

A scorched, blasted, burnt land.
Undulating seas of sand.
A rough palm, standing tall
The screech of a falcon flying over all.

A straight-backed marching parade
has a flag green, black, white and red.
It strode on a street with skyscrapers high,
In a country of cacti.

The city feels very falsetto,
but it as a different essence incognito.
Far deeper than the shopping malls
Are stories of accidental windfalls.

Behind hard eyes of sly businessmen
Are daring dreams of countrymen.
A zeal for flight lead them right
to become billionaires overnight.

From ashes of nothing
Emerged a phoenix, flaming.
With a single, glittering golden eye
It contemplated the city of Dubai.


6 thoughts on “The waves of words that carry you away

  1. Alternatively, can a story or poem, keep or stay with a comman man, with his everyday problems. I know for sure that it is not possible because most Common writers / poets are lost, if nothing, for​ experience

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    • I can’t imagine what you’re saying at all… love, one of the most popular themes in poetry, is universal. It knows no boundaries between ‘common man’ and ‘bourgeois’. Death, possibly the second one, follows likewise. So do insecurity, achievement, struggle, depression. That’s possibly WHY they’re so popular – everyone can relate.


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